Downtown Winchester Business Listing

This is a list of all businesses within the immediate Downtown Winchester area. If your business is missing or if your record needs updated, please contact the Winchester Downtown Program Corporation.

Virtual Tours

Several of our downtown businesses have virtual tours available. Please join us for a virtual walk around our square!

Business Listing

Category Business Name Phone Location Virtual Tour
Church First Methodists Church 931-967-3333 S. Jefferson St.
Entertainment Let's Make a Note 931-691-7973 160 1st Ave NW
Entertainment Oldham Theatre 931-967-2516 115 First Ave NE
Government City of Winchester 931-967-2532 7 S. High St.
Government FC Board of Education 931-967-0626 215 S. College St.
Government Federal Building-Post Office 931-968-9076 200 S. Jefferson St.
Government Franklin County Clerk 931-967-2541 Courthouse
Government Franklin County Planning & Zoning 931-967-0980 Courthouse
Government Franklin County Property Assessor 931-967-3869 Courthouse
Government Franklin County Register of Deeds 931-967-2840 Courthouse
Government Franklin County Trustee 931-967-2962 Courthouse
Government Social Security Disability & Appeals 931-962-2303 229 Dinah Shore Blvd.
Government Winchester Utilities 931-967-2238 219 2nd Ave NW
Health and Wellness Rick B. Courtney D.M.D 931-967-2322 111 1st Ave SW
Health and Wellness Hair Unlimited Salon 931-967-5721 S. College St.
Health and Wellness Blue Front Drug 931-967-2251 107 1st Ave. NW
Health and Wellness Bunny's Gym 931-967-5027 126 N. Jefferson St.
Health and Wellness Center Stage Dance Company 931-691-9043 1st Ave SW
Health and Wellness The Origial Gentleman's Choice Barber Shop 931-308-4198 13 S. College St.
Health and Wellness Health Connect America 931-967-7726 111 1st Ave. NW
Health and Wellness Kathy's Hair Dimensions 931-967-0424 1st Ave SW
Health and Wellness Moore Cortner Funeral Home 931-967-2222 300 1st Ave. NW
Health and Wellness Sisk Cleaners 931-967-2573 100 2nd Ave. SE
Health and Wellness Smith's Barber Shop 931-967-1549 106 N. High St.
Health and Wellness Sunny's Dance Studio 2nd Ave NW
Health and Wellness The Studio 1 931-636-3019 100 1st Ave SW Suite 300
Health and Wellness The Studio 2 931-308-1044 101 1st Ave SW Suite 300
Non-Profit Almost Home Transitional Housing 931-968-2503 Court House
Non-Profit Kiwanis Club International 931-967-0862 113 N. College St.
Non-Profit Winchester Downtown Corp 931-962-3393 101 1st Ave SW Suite 202-D
Professional 8th Day Software 901-444-3070 140 1st Avenue NW
Professional AMG-Southern Tennessee LLC 100 1st Ave SW Suite 202
Professional Amy Haring Photography 931-308-3434 101 South College Street
Professional Baird Dental Business Concepts 877-511-4759 100 1st Ave SW Suite 202-A
Professional Brian Bean CPA 931-967-0611 300 S. Jefferson St.
Professional Clark Kneis & Crenshaw CPA 931-967-3877 200 N. Jefferson St.
Professional Coldwell Banker 931-967-1672 21 S. College St.
Professional David F. Eakins CPA 931-967-4255 109 1st Ave SW
Professional Edward Jones Financial Advisor 931-968-4959 119 N. High St.
Professional Glen Isbell Attorney 931-962-9008 8 S. Jefferson St.
Professional Greg O'Neal  Attorney 931-967-9496 2 S. Jefferson St.
Professional Jerre Hood Attorney 931-967-0838 124 1st Ave. NW
Professional Lynch & Lynch Attorneys 931-392-4074 112 First Ave NE
Professional McBee & Ford Attorneys 931-967-1715 17 S. College St.
Professional Michelle Benjamin Attorney 931-962-0006 201 1st Ave. NW
Professional Nikki's Unique Photography 931-308-8242 100 1st Ave SW Suite 300 Studio C
Professional Regions Bank 800-734-4667 121 S. College St.
Professional Simmons Insurance Agency 931-967-4586 126 N. Jefferson St.
Professional Josh Gardner State Farm Insurance 931-967-2030 107 N. Porter St.
Professional Swaffford Peters Preist & Hall 931-967-3888 118 N. Jefferson
Professional Swafford's Property Shop 931-224-4663 117 N. High St.
Professional The Crabtree Group 931-967-7375 116 1st Ave. NW
Professional Winton Auction & Reality 931-967-3650 116 1st Ave SE
Restaurant Burger King 931-967-9633 250 Dinah Shore Blvd.
Restaurant Designer Cakes 931-962-1300 10 & 11 S. College
Restaurant John T's Smokehouse Barbeque 931-967-9600 113 First Ave NE
Restaurant Reggie's Place 931-967-8809 13 S. College St.
Restaurant San Miguel Coffee Company 931-967-9197 102 1st Ave NW
Restaurant Scallywags Uptown Grill 931-967-9302 12 S. Jefferson St.
Restaurant The Back Porch Pub & Grill 931-327-2203 103 2nd Ave NW
Retail 2nd Base Screen Printing 931-967-3915 Alley entrance behind College St.
Retail Above Average Boutique 931-315-9920 110 1st Ave SE Virtual Tour
Retail Anderton's Antiques 2nd Ave NW
Retail Bates Food Store 931-967-2651 108 N. Porter St.
Retail Belles & Beaus 931-636-2382 110 1st Ave SE Virtual Tour
Retail Custom Designs Florist & Gifts 931-962-0024 116 S. College St.
Retail First Avenue Gallery & Custom Framing 931-967-2175 109 1st Ave. NW
Retail Initial It 931-967-3100 115 First Ave NE Virtual Tour
Retail Inside Stories 931-962-1235 123 N. High St.
Retail Kathy Bennett Photographer 931-308-4518 123 N. Jefferson St.
Retail Orr Décor 931-962-8828 100 1st Ave SE Virtual Tour
Retail Pretty Discoveries 931-212-0609 108 1st Ave SE Virtual Tour
Retail Red Plow Gallery & Gifts 931-967-0794 110 1st Ave NW Virtual Tour
Retail The Flower Shop 931-968-4646 115 N. High St.
Retail The White Rabbit 931-327-2205 4 S. Jefferson St.
Retail Wenger's Antiques & Gifts 931-967-8754 3 S. College St.
Retail Whiffenpoofs 931-968-1113 103 S. College St.
Retail Winchester Antique Mall 931-967-9930 1st Ave. NW Virtual Tour
Retail Wishing Well Antiques & Gifts 256-656-5015 122 1st Ave. NW