First Winchester Wriggle tonight in Square area

Winchester Herald-Chronicle
Courtney Stachel, Staff Writer
September 26, 2014

The City of Winchester and its Downtown Program Corp. have joined force together to sponsor a special evening to enjoy art, live music and dining. The corp. is hosting the first ever Winchester Wriggle tonight from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the downtown Square. The primary event will be a silent auction at San Miquel’s Coffee Company Ballroom. It will feature artists from Winchester’s New Life Center, with the proceeds going directly to the artist. New Life Center artists consist of Franklin County’s adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and this silent auction will also offer the artist exposure to attract future patrons and gallery shows. This event also offers a unique opportunity for the downtown businesses of Winchester to attract the public into their stores to look around. Jerry Scharber, the corp.’s executive director, said how these sorts of events will bring people to the area and will be more of an interest to the downtown area. “We are looking to sponsor an event that will draw the public to the square and increase interest in local businesses,” he said. Winchester Downtown Program is a not for profit organization with a primary goal to promote the city’s downtown growth and to raise awareness and interest in the prospering new programs being offered to adults, teens and children alike.

Participating businesses are inviting the public to enjoy live music in various indoor and outdoor locations as you stroll (wriggle) around the square, viewing displays of original artwork and shopping.Throughout the night there will also be art for sale, as well as wriggle raffles at participating businesses around the square. Some of the raffles will feature tanning, movie tickets, local food gift certificates, and ultimately, a cash prize for biggest wriggler at the end of the night.